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The Wandering Soul

James VanDeuson is a traveling Singer/Songwriter from the foothills of Central New York. While driving with his partner in a retrofitted camper van, James writes folk songs that speak directly to the trials of the human condition. In his most recent work, James responds to the current political climate, both socially and through the creation of his newest album set to release mid-2021. Not yet titled. 


James is planning to go back on tour this fall, throwing a curve ball into his traditional folky-performance with the addition of three others, calling themselves… “James VanDeuson and the Rollin’ Rust.” The Rollin’ Rust is a four piece band that has been playing together on and off since they were teenagers. The band consists of: Jim Hearn on lead guitar, acoustic guitar and banjo etc., Sam Tesoriero on bass/miscellaneous other fretted instruments, Kyle Dennis playing the drums and James VanDeuson singing lead vocals, playing acoustic guitar and harmonica.

Other: In 2018 James released his debut album, "Dilation" recorded at Another Recording Company in Omaha, NE. in doing so James is now on the list of ever-popular musicians including: Jason Mraz, Conor Oberst, Phoebe Bridgers, The First Aid Kit and many more who have had the opportunity to work with ARC. The album is now available on every format, including vinyl. The band is now working on finishing their first studio album, "Rollin' Rust." 

The Legend of Rollin' Rust

As legend tells it, James asked Kyle to meet late after work one evening. Both driving rusty, salt-soiled vehicles at the time, they plotted for a future of musical righteousness. They knew in their hearts, that together, they could find a way to get out of their 9 to 5 rust filled situation. Using nothing but the songs within them to manifest a fat career in the music industry, they set out to do just that. Some have said that James and Kyle even contemplated fast-tracking their success by taking a trip to the crossroads, but later decided on the holier, more enticing option of kidnapping their multi-talented buddy, Jim Hearn, from Colorado. By blindfolding him and taking him back to NY in a rusty... but still rollin’... pick-up truck, they would inevitably write the album that would kickstart their utopian dreams. However, they knew they couldn’t pull it off alone. They summoned the only friend they knew that not only had the rhythm of a rattlesnake, but the guts to help them pull it off… Sam-the-bass-snake-Tesoriero. When Jim saw the three boys coming up the mountain pass, blasting the Grateful Dead and playing three different keys of harmonica simultaneously, he already knew. Without hesitation, but still blindfolded for safe measure, Jim Hearn surrendered to a life of music with the boys. On one rainy spring day, with darkness looming over the midwest, driving in a rusty vehicle home to Central NY… “James VanDeuson and the Rollin’ Rust,” was born.

Roughly three months later, Jim Hearn's blindfold was removed... after trust was established. 

Words from James 

"Getting a new start is refreshing to say the least," James stated. "Although the task is daunting, it's almost like selling your things before the move. You look around and realize you have nothing left. There is no job, no couch, no bed, and for some reason, you feel liberated. Everything you worked for prior to that moment, now has new meaning. You only have your experiences and memories to draw from. I'm not too worried yet; I'm pretty certain at this point that I was born to do this." ​

"It’s hard trying to figure out how you want to spend the time that you have here. I want to share the feeling I get when I play these songs with everyone that wants to hear. For me, it’s important to give people small moments of joy through the medium that has always brought me to that same state of mind." 

"Most recently, I’m building on the success of the band's new album. Still in motion, I’m recording and writing every day, preparing for the next chapter."


"2021 is all about legitimizing what we're doing enough to get more people involved in this journey. I want to write more, read more and use the things I’ve learned to share more music with a greater number of people. I want people to use this music. I want to encourage them to break away from the normal societal platform, even if it can only be for a few hours."

I'm truly grateful for all the people who have brought the music into my life. I just want to give some back. 


- James