2019 Dilation (Full Length lP)

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Dilation was the combined effort of many hands. When working with the folks at Another Recording Co. in Omaha, NE (ARC) I was finally able to turn a chapter both professionally and emotionally. Most of Dilation addresses the many feelings one has when going through the loss of a close friend or family member. Although dark at times, we were able to bring light to these topics through  the introduction of a more musically saturated production strategy. You'll find love, loss, gratitude and many other aspects of the human condition weaved into the fabric of this album.

I couldn't be more excited to share these thoughts and feelings. As an up and coming folk singer from NY, I'm happy to finally have a full album behind me. Please, listen and enjoy. 

- James VanDeuson 

RELEASED ON OCT. 28th 2019


RELEASES ON MAY 10th (Preview Below)

For me, Halfway Home is more a feeling of seclusion than anything. I knew going into it that living on the road and touring was going to present its challenges. This song allowed me to open up to my fans and friends, letting them into the van, and ultimately, into my head. It's a tune about relationships, distance and mental health. Halfway Home belongs to everyone. I think we've all been there. 

- James VanDeuson 


Comments From Artist 

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